Yeah, I get it. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty common problem for many of us. Here are a few things I’ve tried that have helped me out. Maybe one or two of them will help you too:

  • Reading books from creative people → This sometimes puts me into a creative mood, and I’ll hit a point where I feel like I need to stop reading and begin writing because I’m feeling motivated.
  • Forcing myself to write something, anything → Just sitting down at my computer and typing a sentence or two is sometimes enough to help me realize how much I enjoy writing, and I’ll continue writing longer than I planned.
  • Reading motivational quotes from other authors who talk about the importance of getting started → For example, this list of quotes is a good starting point.
  • Taking a month-long break from writing → I did this last year, and it was more helpful than I expected. It relieved the stress and shame I felt from not writing because I told myself I was just going to take a break. At the end of the month, I was itching to write again and I felt refreshed from having rested for a bit.

Let me know if any of those work for you. Best of luck and don’t give up!

Voracious reader | Awakening writer | Passionate about business & leadership | Director of L&D @ Spokn | Visit me at

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