Keep persevering! I’m so glad that this story motivated you to focus more on self-reflection.

Here’s one self-reflection tactic I’ve been using the past several months that has worked for me:

  • Every Friday night, I write my goals for that weekend and the following week on a 3x5 notecard.
  • I write both personal and professional goals on this card, such as “Finish reading _____ book” or “Interview three people for _____ work project.”
  • I use that 3x5 card to set my focus for what is truly important during the week. I cross off the tasks on the card as I complete them throughout the week.
  • The following Friday, I review my 3x5 card, paying special attention to the goals I wasn’t able to complete.
  • I write a personal retrospective for the week on another 3x5 card, stating the things I accomplished that made me proud as well as acknowledging where I struggled throughout the week. For any goals I didn’t complete, I write what caused me to miss the goal and what I’m going to do differently next week because of that insight.
  • It takes me a total of 5–10 minutes every Friday to write these two 3x5 notecards (one for my weekly goals and one for my weekly retrospective). That amount of time is so short that it’s hard to skip.

This process has helped me immensely, and it also provides a great history of what I’ve accomplished each week.

If you decide to try out that process, let me know how it goes!


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