I’m so glad you found the article helpful! Thanks for letting me know, Brenda. Kudos to your son for doing things outside his comfort zone. With a mindset like that, he’ll definitely go far.

Hearing about your son reminds me of something I just read in Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian’s new biography on Tiger Woods. Shortly after winning two huge golf tournaments (The Masters and the Byron Nelson Golf Classic), Tiger decided he wasn’t happy with his swing and wanted to change the entire thing. Here is a guy on top of the golf world, who just won his first golf major at the age of 21 and he decides that his swing isn’t good enough. He embarked on a 22-month journey to reconfigure his swing, knowing full well that it would be an uncomfortable process and would cause him to win fewer tournaments in the interim. The result was the greatest golfer who ever lived.

Champions do things outside their comfort zone, just like your son. I wish him the best in his basketball career!

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