I’m Not Sure I Want to Call Myself a Christian Anymore

Evangelicals have supported Trump, resisted Black Lives Matter, and propagated conspiracies. Is that what Jesus would do?

Image Credit: Aubrey Hicks on Unsplash

When I heard stories like those, I jumped to two conclusions:

A religion begun on the virtues of loving one’s neighbor and caring for the poor has been bastardized into an unrecognizable force of vitriol, injustice, and hate.

Cause #1 — Black-and-White Thinking

I now hold my opinions with an open hand rather than a closed fist, always eager to learn and challenge my current beliefs.

Cause #2 — Self-Fulfilling Paranoia

Now, anytime a Christian hears a story on PBS, NBC, or ABC that doesn’t align with their worldview, they have presidential license to dismiss the story as fake news from the liberal media. And they can simply flip the channel to their favorite propaganda peddler who will trot out a couple of experts who disagree with the facts the other network shared.

Cause #3 — Echo Chambers

What’s in a Name?

What Would Jesus Do?

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