Great question, Greg. I actually stopped reading e-books several years ago because I realized my comprehension was much worse on e-books than it was on physical books. (There’s actually some research to back that up too.)

But yes, there are still ways to document the best ideas, notes, and quotes from e-books. Two ideas for you — one digital and one physical:

  1. Digital — You should be able to copy and paste info from the e-reader (depending on the e-reader) into an app like Evernote or Day One. Both of those apps are great for storing and tagging ideas.
  2. Physical — You can handwrite notes from the book into some type of commonplace book. For example, I write notes on 3x5 notecards and catalog them into topics in a notecard box. You can read more in the article below if you’re curious:

But yes, I hope you can pull some ideas from this story that will help you out. Best of luck and thanks for reading!

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