Gotcha. Yes, that's actually the same thing I'm talking about. I think the confusion is related to the fact that the author of the story sees something different than the reader in regard to the highlights.

Here’s what I mean:

  • The WRITER of a story sees all highlights. For example, because I wrote this “Medium 101” story, I can see every section that anyone highlighted in this story, along with their name.
  • The READERS of a story only see the “Top Highlight” along with any of their own highlights and the highlights from people in their network. For example, if anyone you follow has highlighted something in this “Medium 101” story, you’ll see those highlights in addition to the “Top Highlight.” If no one whom you follow has highlighted anything in this story, you won’t see any other highlights.

Medium strives to keep the user interface of the reading application clean and simple, which is why readers can only see limited highlights. But the writer of any given story gets to see ALL of the highlights because that’s useful feedback for the writer to know.

Let me know if that makes sense. :-)

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