gabey8 and Layane Moura — From what I’ve heard, there’s no need for you to be concerned about the payout model. Medium disperses each member’s $5/mo payment in proportion to the stories that person reads.

For example, let’s say that $3 of every $5 member payment goes to writers. (I don’t know the actual number, but using tangible numbers will help illustrate the point.) If you only read articles from a single writer for the entire month, that writer would get your $3. However, let’s say you use your blazing reading speed to read articles from 100 different writers. Each writer would get a proportion of your $3 payment, in accordance with how much time you spent reading that person’s stories. In other words, your reading speeding doesn’t impact anything at all because you’re reading all articles at your reading speed, and dividing up your payment accordingly.

I also believe that Medium’s AI knows how long text on a page should take to read, so if someone leaves their Medium page open and walks away, at some point that time would no longer count toward “reading time.”

I hope that info is helpful. :-)

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