As you said, Christianity is not monolithic. The issue is that there are some very high-profile evangelical Christian preachers, magazines, and organizations that have thrown their substantial weight behind all of the things I’ve talked about in this article.

As with anything, there is a lot of complexity and nuance that is not easy to convey. Some of that nuance is that every Christian has their own personal beliefs that will likely differ in many ways from the beliefs of their pastor, church, family, friends, etc. I know Christians who feel as I do, and I know Christians who are on the polar opposite side of the spectrum from me.

Two things regarding your question about the news:

  1. I don’t watch much news because I think it often leads to depression, hopelessness, and anxiety.
  2. When I do tune in to the news, I try to watch or listen to networks that are appraised to be factual and balanced by neutral third-party “media watch” organizations. For instance, I love news from NPR and the BBC because I think they do a great job of being factual and balanced. When I’ve tuned in to Fox News, I’ve found them to be wildly opinionated and they seem to be in Trump’s pocket most of the time. To me, that’s a horrible news source (and most third-party sites would agree).

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