Agreed. I feel like I have enough books screaming at me already just from the books I own!

In general, I don’t like borrowing items because I’m worried that I’ll either forget to return the item or I’ll hold onto it too long and the person will be reluctant to speak up about needing it back. I stopped borrowing books several years ago, and I don’t borrow other items much either.

However, I often find myself in an awkward position when friends offer books without specifying whether they’re offering the book on loan or for keeps. That just happened again yesterday. When faced with that situation, I usually say something like, “Sorry, but I never borrow books because I like to mark them up and write in the margins.” After I mention that, the person generally clarifies if they intend for me to keep the book.

Let me know if you have any tips about how to handle situations like that!

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