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Who we are matters more than what we do.

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Our Hyperactivity Hurts Us, But Benefits Businesses

Yup, Stephen King and Anne Lamott made the list, but so did several books you’ve never heard of

Image by the author

Here’s what I learned from the experience

Image Credit: ArtsyBee on Pixabay

I wish I knew these things when I began my career

Image Credit: Alekzan Powell/Unsplash

Don’t be. Writing is like dipping a bucket into a well that gets more full with each bucketful you draw.

Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay

You know that colleague who doesn’t like you? You may be able to win them over with this strategy.

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How to choose the right books, remember what you read, save money on books, and read more than you’ve ever read before

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I’ve read 700+ books in the past 10 years. These are the ones that moved the needle in my life.

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I read 80 books in 2020. These were my favorites.

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Here’s the best advice from the novelist’s writing MasterClass

Image Credit: Rhododendrites on Wikimedia Commons

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