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Four years ago, I was gathered around a campfire with a few friends, and I told my buddy Alex that I wanted to be a writer someday. …

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Six years ago, I stumbled upon a fun end-of-year book survey hosted by the blog Perpetual Page Turner. Since then, I’ve been filling out my own version of this book survey, sharing my favorite books each year.

Here’s my breakdown for 2021…

2021 Stats


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Thriller writers are experts of pacing and storytelling. The best thriller novelists can keep readers turning pages even after the city lights dim and the bed pillow beckons.

One of the most popular novelists of the past 20 years is Dan Brown, who has sold well over 200 million books


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R.L. Stine made himself a household name with his Goosebumps and Fear Street horror series for kids and teens. He’s now written over 300 books and sold over 400 million copies in his career.

Stine recently recorded a MasterClass to share his best writing advice. His class focuses on how…

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Ever since I got burned by not candidly sharing feedback earlier in my career, I’ve become obsessed with the science and art of giving feedback. I’ve consumed numerous books and articles about the topic, and even personally taught several classes on feedback as I’ve learned more.

Here are the seven…


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After Salman Rushdie published The Satanic Verses in 1988, a religious extremist tried to assassinate him, and Rushdie found himself on Al Qaeda’s most-wanted list.

Few writers are bold enough to write controversial books. But Rushdie isn’t your average writer. …

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“What a good artist understands is that nothing comes from nowhere. All creative work builds on what came before. Nothing is completely original.” -Austin Kleon

About three years ago, I started to notice Austin Kleon’s name everywhere I looked. He popped up in books, articles, and websites. …

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Have you noticed that many of the most creative people in the world have numerous passions and interests? They’re not isolated on a solitary little island of music or dance or painting — they’re involved in numerous creative streams that feed each other.

Think of Lin-Manuel Miranda applying his love…


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Amy Tan wrote the runaway bestseller The Joy Luck Club, which reportedly sold over three million copies.

Then Tan followed up that book with five more bestselling novels, along with several nonfiction books and children’s books. Tan recently shared her writing secrets in a MasterClass about fiction and imagination.


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